The mission of Redeemer Kids is to glorify God by making followers of Christ. We are dedicated to introducing children to Jesus, teaching them to love God’s Word, and encouraging them to share the Good News with others. We want children who come to our church to feel loved, welcomed and grow in relationship with other kids as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

While your Kids' Team strives to provide the best Sunday morning program possible, we know that training children for life and godliness also happens in the day-to-day routine of life. For this reason, we hope to support the cultivation of your family worship time at home. In the section, "Stay Connected," you will find a variety of resources designed to guide your whole family deeper into the current sermon series and/or kids' series together.


Our Sunday morning program is offered for newborns through 4th grade on Sundays during the 8:00AM, 9:30AM, and 11:15AM, Worship Gatherings. Children’s classrooms, including the nursery are all located in the Main Building.  

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Family Worship Series: Daniel  | Continuing October

Be sure to grab a study guide for this series as it will include materials for leading the whole family deeper into the book of Daniel. You will find discussion questions, activities, and other opportunities for application. We hope this guide will help you and your family savor God's Word and be transformed by it.  

Kids for the HD | Continuing October

Kids may bring canned soup and / or boxed cereal to their classrooms during the month of October to support the Love Initiative Food Drive.

Paws n' Claws Pet Fair  | October 20th

Kids (12 and under) get to submit artwork for a contest at this event! Social pets are welcome. Parking and Admission are FREE. Click HERE for more information.


Stay Connected

Check this section weekly for updates on what kids are learning each week! 

Mindful Mondays | Resources for Your Home

We are on Question 10 in your New City Catechism book (or app). We use the short answer designed for kids on Sunday mornings.

What is New City Catechism

The New City Catechism is a modern-day resource aimed at helping children and adults alike learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith via 52 questions and answers.

Other ways to follow up with Sunday's lesson:

Nursery (0-3) 

The Biggest Story ABC by Marty Machowsky

"L is for Law" guide available at nursery door.

Help your toddler learn the 10 Commandments with a song: 

The Ten Commandment Boogie


Use the "At Home" guide provided after each service to review your child's lesson. Look up each verse mentioned. Show your child how you look for the chapter. Demonstrate gentle hands as you turn the pages and don't forget to pray for God to help you and your little one see more of Him in His Word.

Preschoolers are singing Pharaoh Pharaoh as they learn about God's faithfulness to His people in the book of Exodus.


Help Kids Study the Bible with You!

September 30th was our detective themed Sunday Funday. Kids were given the skills they need to solve the mysteries of God's Word. They learned three key elements when studying the Bible. Be sure to affirm and use these tools throughout the week!

Try out this study method with Sunday's lesson from John 10.


[Hold your magnifying glass up to your eye and say "observation"]

"What does this SAY?"

Remember to ask the important sleuthing questions: 

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How


[Point to your head and put on your thinking face as you say "interpretation"]

"What does this MEAN?"

Remember to look at all the clues and find the meaning based on what you see in the verse, or before and after the verse you observed.

Repeat: "Scripture Interprets Scripture"


[Hold your hands out as if carrying a tray and say "application"]

"So what will I do??"

Ask the following questions: What did I learn about God? What did I learn about myself or others? What did I find delight in? How might I change the way I go about my day today?

Pray together praising God and thanking Him for His true Word and the salvation which made it possible to have relationship with Him. 

**Special note to parents: Redeemer Kids Ministry is a big fan of questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions especially if you don't have an answer. Exemplify humility and personal growth by using these opportunities to do some research together. 

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Our Team

Every person in Kids' Ministry has their own dynamic part to play in light of the whole mission to make followers of Jesus. Because we recognize the beauty of utilizing various gifts and abilities, there are many unique positions available. To learn more about the potential ways you can impact the future of the church, visit our social media pages or ask Lauren Heffner.


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