Here at Redeemer we believe in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world, starting in the High Desert, moving outward from Southern California  to the outermost parts of the world! (Matt 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8) As a church, we support many mission workers who are doing just that.
On this page you will find information on all the mission workers we support, where they serve, what their ministries, are and how you can be involved with them in praying, giving and going. Some do not display their full name or a picture because they are in a sensitive area of the world and need to be protected.  God knows who they are and they still need your prayers desperately! Take the time to read about each one and pray for the requests listed. Many still have financial needs so pray about joining their support team and help them fulfill the ministry God has given them.

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Dawn Hamrick and Cheryl Markowitz are our Missions  Ministry Coordinators and are available to help you engage with our mission workers and their ministries as well as get involved in missions here at Redeemer and around the world! Have a question or want to get involved? Send them an email at outreach@redeemerhd.com or catch one of them at church on Sunday. 


redeemer church food pantry & clothing closet | apple valley, ca

760.247.5891 | outreach@redeemerhd.com

The Redeemer Church Food Pantry & Clothing Closet is open the last Saturday of every month from 9:00AM-11:00AM and is made possible through a partnership with the Victor Valley Rescue Mission Alliance. Located at 22434 Nisqually Road in Apple Valley, we distribute food, clothing, toiletries, diapers, and more on a monthly basis to the High Desert community. If you or someone you know is in need of food or clothing, please come by on the last Saturday of the month, or contact our church office during the week. If you would like to volunteer in this ministry, please contact Dawn Hamrick at outreach@redeemerhd.com.

If you would like to donate to the Food Pantry or Clothing Closet, here are things we need donated on a regular basis:
  • Rice
  • Dry beans
  • Canned goods
  • Cereal
  • Toiletries – Shampoo, conditioner, female products, toothpaste, deodorant
  • Large Paper Bags (like the ones from Winco or Trader Joe’s)

dawn hamrick & cheryl markowitz


Cheryl and Dawn are the co-founders of a locally based missions organization called ConnecTree.  They have been serving missionaries and churches here and around the world since 2012, helping missionaries to have the care and support they need, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  They do this by taking the missionaries’ support network to the next level by connecting supporting individuals and churches to each other in an effort to better care for and partner with their shared missionaries on the field. They advocate for missionaries, help churches build a strong and thriving missions program, mobilize prayer and resources for missionaries’ special needs, projects and evangelistic outreaches and take short term mission trips to support the work of long term missionaries.

They work with missionaries in Mexico, Guatemala, France, Moldova, Germany, Indonesia, and the USA as well as help facilitate local outreach in their community. They also volunteer as the Missions and Outreach coordinators here at Redeemer Church.

rose of sharon | victorville, ca

760.243.5006 | roseofsharonprc.org

Rose of Sharon is a free and confidential pregnancy center that empowers women with the knowledge to make the best decision for themselves, their babies and all others involved.  They provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, and answers to questions about abortion, parenting and adoption.  Their trained staff is ready to provide confidential assistance at no cost, thanks to generous community support.

love life | san bernardino county, ca

760.662.0286 | lovelife.org

Love Life is uniting and mobilizing the church to create a culture of love and life that will result in an end to abortion and the orphan crisis. God is using Love Life to awaken the church, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves and giving families alternatives to abortion and resources to help.  Redeemer Church is a refuge site for women in need of help with a pregnancy. Please contact Debby Riddle at 909.856.0286 for more information.

stanton mobile | high desert region, ca

888.515.7144 | stantonmobile.org

Stanton Healthcare offers a variety of services to women in the High Desert and mountain communities at no charge. They offer Early Detection Pregnancy Testing, Ultrasounds to verify preganancy and determine how far along you are, Options Counseling, Reproductive Wellness Consultation, STI Testing Referrals, Post-Abortion Care and Support Groups, Practical Assistance with food, mother & baby clothing, transportation, etc. and referrals to parenting classes, OB/GYN care, WIC and Medi-Cal, Housing, Legal Advice and Adoption.

The mobile Ultrasound Clinic is open Monday and Wednesday-Friday’s from 8:00am-12:00pm and is located on Anacapa Rd. between the Quick Quack Care Wash and the Kaiser Medical Building on Park Ave. in Victorville. It is a large purple bus. You can’t miss it!


Jackie Powell | los angeles, ca

House of Blessing | houseofblessing.online/

Jackie Powell serves as the Executive Director of House of Blessing, a transitional residence for women in South Los Angeles, CA.  Residents at House of Blessing come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and some have children.  The house can accommodate 15 women at a time.  Everyone has chores, participates in Bible study and are encouraged to find jobs or attend school.  They are given the opportunity to get back on their feet and can stay as long as they need to.  This is a vital ministry, seeking to provide a holistic, nurturing, Gospel-focused environment for these ladies to grow into the women God desires them to be, most importantly, in relationship with Him.

RON & DEEYONNE GALPIN | los angeles, ca

Renewed Hope

Ron serves as Chaplain at Renewed Hope, a ministry in downtown Los Angeles that exists to fill the gap in social services in poverty-stricken areas through comprehensive case management.  Ron directs the spiritual aspects of the center, which include one-on-one counseling and pastoral care, teaching and discipleship, and coordinating Bible studies and worship services. He does a lot of phone prayer and counseling for those who call the center for help. He also participates in feeding the community poor through the Hope Center. He manages volunteers who help prepare meals for between 250-300 people per day.  His wife Deeyonne cares for senior citizens and disabled adults. They have been serving the Lord in missions for over 30 years!


jaime mendez | chiapas, mexico

National Missionary | Pastor

Pastor Jaime is a national missionary serving in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico ministering to several small groups of persecuted believers who have been ostracized from their indigenous communities for their refusal to renounce Christ.  Jaime has been responsible for helping them to establish new communities, planting churches, discipleship and evangelism training.  He provides food and medicine, teaches seminars, does children’s programs and evangelistic outreaches in unreached villages. He also travels to the different communities on a rotation to teach on Sundays, and to train men in the churches to grow in leadership and pastoral roles.

Feli Cisneros Zarco | Mexico City & Chiapas, Mexico

National Missionary

Feli is a national missionary serving in Mexico City, and Chiapas, Mexico. For the last 12 years, she has been working in the village of La Laguna del Toro doing women’s and children’s ministry every other week. She and a team from area churches bring food packages, medicine, bibles, activity books, games, and gospel-centered programs for the moms and their kids.

Feli also works with indigenous Mayan communities in Chiapas, Mexico alongside mission pastor Jaime Mendez, visiting churches and newly developed communities of persecuted believers, providing much needed discipleship for the women and children, bringing food and medicine and doing evangelistic outreaches in unreached villages.

Fernando & Isabel Garcia | Mexico City, Mexico

National Missionary

Fernando and Isabel Garcia are national missionaries serving in Mexico City. Their ministry includes evangelistic outreaches in nearby communities and on the University of Mexico campus, evangelism training for churches in Mexico City and Chiapas, speaking at missions conferences, helping with Feli Cisneros’ ministry in La Laguna, and Fernando preaches and teaches the Word of God. They periodically travel to Chiapas with Feli and Pastor Jaime Mendez to encourage persecuted believers and train the pastors and leaders of the churches there.

Fernando is also a translator, joining different missions teams from the States to translate for them during their ministry time in Mexico.

Mark & Gina Schmidt | Buena Vista, Guatemala

DeepStream Ministry

The Schmidt Family serves in Buena Vista, Guatemala running an educational center, Centro Educativo DeepStream (CEDS). The school currently houses the public middle school, as well as provides a private, Christ-centered education for students from Buena Vista, grades pre-k – 11 th . Students’ parents pay a portion of the tuition, and the remaining costs are supplemented through sponsorships. The school exists to train the future men and women who will lead Buena Vista - spiritually, mentally and physically. The school also opens its doors to the community for several events during the year, as well as a weekly youth group and adult bible study.

Cynthia Heflebower | Radeberg, Germany

NOW Germany

Cynthia serves in Radeberg, Germany, located in what was once East Germany. She uses drama, art and music to creatively share the Gospel, with a focus on youth and women. She networks with several local churches, helping them reach out to their community, assisting with leadership in the youth groups, leading a ladies’ interactive bible study, and a weekly prayer group.

Doug & Krista Livie | Chevry-Cossigny, France

World Venture

Doug and Krista are church planters in a village just outside of Paris, France. Doug is the pastor of the church, and a field leader for the missionaries in their region, as well as a leader in the regional French Church Association. Krista leads children’s and women’s ministries. They’re both active in the community, the local English Association and sports clubs with their kids.

Steve & Belva Rae Kotlarczyk | japan

Send International

Steve and Belva Rae have been serving the Lord in Japan for many years at Okutama Bible Chalet. Steve oversees maintenance of facilities for campers, and leads grounds workers during the summer months. He also leads the outdoor programs, including father/son camps, overnight adventure camps, and mountain hiking. Additionally, he teaches a weekly English class as an opportunity for gospel outreach. He also enjoys preaching and evangelism.

Belva Rae is involved in music at their church. She teaches a cooking class and bible study at a neighboring church as well. She leads evangelistic outreaches to children, young people, shut-ins, women, and seniors.

Ciprian and Connie S. | Chisinau, Moldova

Chip and Connie are national workers in Chisinau, Moldova. Chip works in villages sharing the gospel through sports ministry, teaching English, summer camps, Christmas and Easter outreaches in the public schools as well as discipling men in Christ. Connie helps Chip in ministry as well as together they are raising their son, Rafael.

Doug and Dakoda K. | SE Asia

Doug and Dakoda are both nurses and are working in SE Asia. They participate in community development by working in community health, agriculture, education and women’s development. They work in a mostly Muslim culture. They also manage a computer center on a university campus and are sharing with students there.

Kevin and Leilani H. | SE Asia

Kevin and Leilani are involved in disciple-making movements among unreached people groups in SE Asia. They use cultural tourism as a platform.

Doug and Dawn L. | asia and muslim countries

Doug and Dawn live in Colorado with their daughter Rachel. Doug trains and coaches the next generation of Christian professionals working in closed countries for resilience and effectiveness in sharing with the least reached people groups in persecuted areas of the world.

Pat and Jen P. | se asia

Pat & Jen work in the area of disaster management and hospital care. They consult with the government of the country they live in. They engage in discipleship with the hope of sharing with the individuals He puts in their path.