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Here at Redeemer Church, we believe we serve Christ by serving others. There are plenty of opportunities for you to use your gifts God has given you to further His kingdom. We encourage you to fill out the form below to be in contact with a ministry you feel you would be serve in.

volunteer requirements

As stated in the Redeemer Church Constitution, "Each position of leadership within the church is a position of honor and humility, which in the spirit of unity amongst its members, these servants of the church shall voluntarily and with no mental reservation affirm the church’s Statement of Faith, and willfully submit to the Covenant of the Church to fulfill its commission and be held accountable for all matters of doctrine, Christian living, and sin for the protection of the church from threats both internal and external and most importantly for the honor of Christ." and, "Ministry volunteers shall be upstanding members of the church; shall be appointed-by and accountable-to Ministry Leaders, Deacons, Pastoral Staff Members, Pastor-Teachers and/or Elders."
Children's Ministry
Clothing Closet
Club 56 (5th & 6th Grade) Ministry
Communications Ministry
Food Pantry
Greeters & Ushers
Meals Ministry
Men's Ministry
Outreach Ministry
Open Hands Ministry
Security Detail
The Lodge (Coffe & Information)
Women's Ministry
Worship Team
Youth Ministry

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We can't wait to connect you with a ministry you can bless with your unique gifts.